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Isabel Marant Shoes the perfect mix

Ahh, the Hamptons. The second the sun comes out and the weather gets warm, we can't help but fantasize about journeying to our neighboring towns to the east u2014 lazing on the beach, enjoying the (actual) fresh air, and most importantly, shopping some of the best boutiques around. After all, when it comes to treasure hunting, the Hamptons are home to a veritable motherload of special pieces, from vintage to handmade. And now, much to our delight, one of our favorite boutiques is bringing its covetable Isabel Marant Sneakers Sale collection to the e-commerce world, so we can stock up without having to deal with Penn Station.

Tiina The Store, owned by model-slash-stylist-slash former assistant to Karl Lagerfeld, Tiina Laakkonen, is our go-to for all things home and closet. The store is stocked with items like Marimekko quilts, artisan jewelry, and beachy sandals u2013 all in prim-and-proper shades of navy, black, and white. One peruse of the brick-and-mortar or the online version will find Isabel Marant Shoes the perfect mix of celebrated and up-and-coming designers, all with a signature Scandinavian elegance. To celebrate the shop's digital turn, we're giving you a look at some of our favorite pieces straight from the online shop, so all you have to do is spend, spend, spend.

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